Fill function filling whole image, first the parts I want, then the whole thing

Lightburn seems to do exactly what I want, then it fills in all the space I didn’t want filled turning the whole thing black. Can’t find anything to explain this…please help!

So here’s my image…

Here’s my settings

Here’s the output

What do you have set for the 03 (green) layer, and what are you intending with the ‘Offset Fill’ (blue) to produce? Post the LightBurn file, so we can take a closer look. :slight_smile:

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Aiming for this, with a cut around it.

Thanks for your help!

Cactus v0.2.lbrn2 (80.4 KB)

Still can’t work this out, anyone got any suggestions?

Looking at your file, I see that you have the layer 01 (blue) set to ‘Offset Fill’, where I believe you want to have that set to ‘Line’ if you intend to use that shape to cut out the “cactus” shape after engraving. :slight_smile:

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