"Fill" is double Image

Laser test Line w Fill.lbrn2 (13.4 KB)

I’ve been stuggling with a double image problem. I have a windows computer and am running the latest version of Lightburn. I’ve read the discussions on double images and played with the settings in “Device Settings”>“Enable Scanning Offset Adjustment” to no avail. I tried the feature in “AutoLaser” and didn’t have the issue.
I’ve run a .jpg in Lightburn and didn’t have the issue. It is when using the Line+Fill feature that the issue occurs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I’ve also made certain that the laser beam is not deflecting in the nozzle. Thanks, Mark

I should add that I am using a Light Object A20 control pad.

I’m making progress this morning using the “Scanning Offset Adjust”.

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