Fill is wobbly while Line looks good?

I’m a newbie to the laser world so I’m hoping some can help me understand what I’m doing wrong. Basically when I use line, the vector image I am using is turning out fine, but as soon as I switch to fill, the engraving is wobbling at random points. I’m using same speed/power settings (1000/80 )on my Sculpfun 10W diode laser Please see attached picture. Has someone else faced this problem ?

It looks like your laser is losing position as it makes scanning movements, but not Line movements. Check to make sure your belts are tight - particularly in the dimension your laser is losing position in (that is probably ‘X’, or the left-to-right dimension).

If that doesn’t help, try reducing the speed at which you’re running your Fills at. Sometimes a particular combination of speed and acceleration can reduce mechanical resonance, leading to the effect you’re seeing.

Take a look here on how to check your mechanics: Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance
The laser is usually not tuned from the factory, you need to check every screw before getting perfect results. Especially the grub screws should be checked thoroughly.

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