Fill Issues with 0.9.04 version - Smoothieware


I’m facing some weird results using Fill option in 0.9.04 version.

Board Firmware: Smothieware (CNC Version 03/07/2019)

LightBurn Preview:

Gcode generated by LightBurn and opened with other software:

Final result:

The lines marked in the pictures should not be there.

Important Notes:

  • If I choose a GRBL board instead of the Smoothieware, the bug disapears (the result gcode does not have the lines) 0.9.04 version
  • Using the 0.9.02 version, Smoothieware board, the bug does not happen.

Going back to 0.9.02 version for now…

Can you post the lbrn file that produced that, and the gcode you generated?


lbrn file (font name: Alex Brush)
Lopes.lbrn (1.8 KB)

The gcode generated:
[](http://GDCODE Generated)

Where can I find previous versions of LB?
The download page only shows the last version. I would like to try the 0.9.03 to test.

Official Version archive:

This probably has to do with how the config file is set up, in particular how the laser is being being controlled on and off.

Please share your config file.

Is it the prefs.ini file that you refer?

I believe Ray is referring to the config.txt file on the sd card that sets the parameters for smoothieware.

The produced gcode right from the LB already had the bug in it (second picture above), even before send it to the laser board, so I tend to believe that the laser system does not have any contribution in this situation.

What board do you have? Is it a Cohesion3D or something else?

I don’t understand why, if this is an issue with the GCode, the version plotted by the other software shows more lines than your final output. For example, in the upper loop of the L, there are 3 lines that shouldn’t be there in the preview, but only one of them appears in the cut file. The o is similar - I count 4 lines off the right side of the o connecting to the p in the plotted GCode version, but only one appears in the final cut. I don’t see why they’d be different, or why you’re the only user having this issue.

The board is a bigtreetech skr v1.1

The second image was also generated with Lightburn. I just opened the gcode file, that was previous saved with LB, with a gcode reader to see the output. And the gcode already has the error lines.

This test was to remove from the equation any posible problem with the hardware not turning off the laser when it should. Actually the machine is doing exacly what is coming from the gcode.

New information:

Disabling the new option in 0.9.03 (Enable Smoothie Clustering) and the bug gone!

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Did you enable that in the first place? If you hover over the button, it says it requires a specific version of Smoothieware. It’s not a bug - it would be emitting gcodes that aren’t supported by the version of Smoothieware on your board.


Don’t remember at all, but probabilly yes!

looking to the gcode, what a found different was some rows (14 rows) with additional 0:0 like this:
Original: G1X-3.2S0.07
With the option enabled: G1X-3.2S0.07:0:0:0

By the way, where can I find more information about this clustering stuff and the compatible firmware version?

Yes, those are GCode clusters. I wrote the firmware for the Cohesion3D board - you can find more info on their forum.

Thanks for the clarification Oz. At least we now know what are the side effects of having that option enabled without the proper firmware to support it :slight_smile:

Extra question: where is this option?

  • Added “move laser to” controls - automatically jog the laser to the center, corner, or side of a selected object

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