Fill layer affecting Line layers

I have tried this in Lightburn version 1.2.01 and 1.2.03 with the same results.

Changes in the Fill layer (00) from “Fill shapes at once” to “Fill shapes individually” result in unexpected results in the Line layer (03) causing the cut to stop and jump around right before it finishes. I was able to stop the behavior by removing “Cut inner shapes first” in the Optimization Settings, but I do not understand why.

I have uploaded a video to youtube.

Brian Williams

There’s no audio in the video, and no preview when you click the preview button. What’s actually happening? Do you see it in the preview as well as the machine, or just on the machine?

Can you email the file to so I can have a look?

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Sorry about that. I didn’t check the video once i posted to youtube. On my layer 03 line, it follows along the perimeter just like it normally does, but then it starts jumping around and finishes the 03 layer with 4 or 5 cuts instead of 1 continuous cut.

It is happening in preview and on machine.

I will have to get permission to send file. I will send as soon as I can.

Brian Williams

If you email it to support, we use it to diagnose the issue, then delete it. User submitted files are treated as confidential unless you explicitly tell us otherwise.

file sent via email.

So, if you’re referring to the green cut layer, the issue is that you started with something that’s not a single, continuous shape, but a bunch of separate objects whose ends happen to touch. This is kind of how LightBurn sees them:

If you select all the green shapes (Shift + Click the green layer) and use Edit > Auto Join, you get a single, continuous loop, which will behave much better.


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