Fill+Liine Takes forever

Hey guys and gals, fast question… When I try to do a fill+line…it takes forever due to the laser path. The laser moves from left to right and for instance… if I have two vertical lines about 10 inches apart and nothing in the middle… the laser has to travel from left to the right only to do a small line on each side… guess my question is, when doing a fill+line… is there a way to make the laser engrave, like doing a line/trace/outline, like on text? LOl Im not sure how to explain it… but its like the old dot matrix printers… LOL Thanks and sorry for sounding stupid.

It’s not “Fil+Line”, it’s just the Fill setting, because you have “Fill all shapes at once” set in the fill settings. Change that to ‘Fill shapes individually’ and it will do each shape one at a time.

It even tells you this in the tool-tip pop-up:

AWESOME THANKS!!. My life is sooo busy that the learning curve and time involved is a little too much atm. So… will this make these any faster? Thanks again.

I would assume so, yes. The preview time estimate will tell you. If you want to make the preview time more accurate, go to Edit > Device Settings, then click ‘Additional Settings’ and click the ‘Read from controller’ button on the bottom of the simulation settings to make it match the controller better.

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