Fill/Line provlem

Hi all, I’ve upgraded to an OLM3 recently and after a great start it’s now only works good when I use fill but if I do a line it does not do it as expected, anyone got any ideas?

What are you expecting and what does it do instead? Photos may be helpful here.

I’m doing a butterfly and dragonfly, I’m trying to cut the shapes out but the lines are all over the place, if I use fill then they come out perfect

You’re missing steps somewhere.

Either something mechanical or your speed settings are so high your motor is skipping. If you dramatically decrease speed does the issue go away?

I’d suggest checking belt tension and pinion gears.

But because it moves well when it’s pop n Gill why would it be different when on line?

Not following what you mean here.

Line movements especially with many intricate direction changes can heavily stress the mechanics of the machine.

I’m not sure what design you’re working with here but that’s a possible explanation.

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