Fill + Line Settings Changing

Just upgraded to 9.02 and have minor issue. On your cut settings editor, try this:

Select “fill+line” and enter (for simplicity) 100 for speed and power
At the bottom under “line+fill settings” enter 50 for speed and power.
Click “line” and on that page, use 25 for speed and power. Click ok.
Re-open and select “fill+line” and the top value is now 25/25
Hit ok then select “line” in the “cuts” window –
Re-open and select “fill+line – the 25’s will move to the bottom and 50’s move to top.

Am I confusing something?

Please use the support forum OR email us, but not both. It just takes extra time to figure out that me or one of the support staff have already replied.

From the email reply:
“Am I confusing something?”

Mostly me, possibly the software as well. :slight_smile:

If you are in “Line” mode when you enter the larger cut settings window, then switch to “Line+Fill” the current settings for the line mode are transferred to the bottom are (where the line settings are now). If you switch back again, while still in that dialog, the line settings are moved back up again. That same switch doesn’t happen on the main panel.

The reasoning behind it is this - if it was a line, and you added “fill”, you probably wanted the original line settings. If it was a fill, and you add a line, you keep the fill settings and add new line settings to it. On the main panel, if you change that, you might not have made that setup choice yet, so having the settings switch could seem strange. It’s intentional behavior, but there’s never going to be a way to do it that’s not inconvenient for one reason or another.

Flipping back and forth between those settings is something that I don’t expect would happen terribly often, but if you want to remove either a line or fill from the “Line+Fill” mode, and retain the previous line settings, the best place to do that is in the big cut settings panel.