Fill not closed - jump, power weirdness

I’m sure these must be newb errors because it’s quite ridiculous that I can’t cut through 1.5mm of clear acrylic using a 50w co2 on one pass!

(I’m on Win 10, connected via USB)

First, my settings:

When I start the job, this is what the RUIDA display shows:
Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 3.14.51 AM

I set both to 80 so not sure why that 20% is in the power…

2 passes and it’s not even getting through 1.5mm of acrylic :tired_face:

and 2nd - - - - - - - -
I got this error:
Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 3.14.03 AM

I choose yes, but then the laser jumps something like 6 inches to the bottom of the current position before it starts - which is not desirable at all!

Double click on the layer to open the separate window that displays the full list of settings for that layer and then post that here.

Here ya go:

The 20% is the Max Power setting for the second laser tube. I agree that 1.5mm thick should be pretty easy - Are you using air assist? Is it focused correctly?

For the jump, check the file to make sure you don’t have anything strange in it, like empty shapes. If you ‘Select all’ (Ctrl + A) does the selection border extend well beyond what you can see?


Should be, I’m using that measuring thingy that came with it and the lines are sharp… just not going through.

Will check later, I closed the file to make some test squares… same results :frowning:

Same results, as in the jump happens, or just not going through?

Email me the file ( and I can have a look.

Not going through.

Will do later :slight_smile:

Do you have a mA meter to confirm the actual amount of power driving the tube to make sure there isn’t a tube or power supply issue?

Do you get the same results when you use the native laser control software instead of RDWorks?

Nope, was just talking about getting one in another thread.

So far have only used it with LB

If it’s a new machine, don’t trust the focus blank - do a ramp test and be sure. It’s also not inconceivable that the lens has a different focus point than the manufacturer intended (some are labeled wrong), or that the lens was installed upside down (curved side should be up).

Brand new. Got a link on how to do that test?


Will also try it using the native filesystem. Anyone have an RDworks test file with some small squares or circles I can use? :slight_smile:

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