Fill not filling shape with offset

Hi! I had some great suggestions yesterday to clean up the outer edges of my fill by using offset, and that worked perfectly, but now the inner part is not filling. (engraving on a leather patch, Eleksmaker A3) - I “think” it’s a dpi issue, as I havent really been able to properly figure out the right settings for this machine (it’s new to me)

here’s a closeup of what I’m getting, whats visible in the picture, is about 25-30mm high.

Circled in blue is supposed to be solid fill area.

any thoughts on what is the proper way to troubleshoot this, I’ve tried many different speed & power combinations, but it always seems to leave these spots open in the design.

Offset fill tries to cover the interior with nonoverlapping lines parallel(ish) to the perimeter, spaced apart by the Line Interval.

If the actual spot is smaller than the line spacing, that leaves gaps between adjacent lines.

If the spot is larger, then the overlapping portions get overburned.

When the distance between the perimeter walls isn’t quite an integer multiple of the line spacing, there will be two lines (typically down the middle, but it depends) spaced apart by the fraction left over from the rest of the lines.

Where two lines meet at an acute angle, the distance between the “points” of two adjacent meetings will be (much) larger than the line spacing, so the lines leave a little triangular gap. The lines can’t get any closer, because the gap is less than the line spacing.

There are no good solutions.

All this happens in 3D printing, too, where strips of molten plastic form the parallel(-ish) lines. Some slicers try to compensate by varying the extruder’s flow rate. Sometimes, hilarity ensues.

thank you, this does make sense… I really like the clean outer lines of the offset fill which is what I need. But I just need to fill the middle better! Just trying to think of what can work… is making the interval where it will overlap a terrible thing, to try and close those gaps?

Depends on how much difference you’ll see in the twice-burned overlapped strips.

The strips may be small enough to not matter or may add an interesting texture: try it and see!

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