Fill not working (?)

K40 + LB + C3D

Not sure whats going on but exported from Corel to .svg (text as curves) but when opening in LB - if i select both fill + line - it appears on the preview and looks fine.

But when i goto just fill - it doesn’t out put it for some reason.

to further add to my woes - it then proceeded to line, but not fill…

Known bug ? or daft user? :slight_smile:

I opened it and experienced the same issue. I think LightBurn will have to look at the file and see if it is something that happened during the export. Have you tried redoing the export in a different format like DXF, or AI, and see if the issue persists?

It works as expected if i convert the text to curves WITHIN Corel, before exporting.

This however isn’t the usual workflow I use - because then i would have to save it, then undo all the ‘convert to curves’ and resave as cdr making it quite confusing.

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You will need to convert the text to paths prior to importation into LightBurn.

oh really? didn’t think that i was doing that previously!

Do you have an exported file I can look at? Text objects aren’t imported yet, because we don’t support all the options that most design packages do for their text formatting, so it’s easier to just require you to export as curves than list all the restrictions.

Hi Oz,

Actually, i did another design a minute ago and it all works fine as it did previously (corel -> save as, svg -> text as curves) - which is its default save stuff.

So clearly there’s something wrong with this particular file.

(not sure why you guys dont allow .ai / .cdr files!) :slight_smile:

thanks for taking a look!

AI would be fine, but I don’t have Corel. I can add AI to the list, though it’s simpler if you just email it to developer at LightBurnSoftware dot com with a description of the issue.

done thanks Oz :slight_smile:

Another update for you Oz,

The fact you cannot see anything other than cut lines on the .ai means the file is corrupt on my end, as there was actually rastering text.

i copy/pasted it into a new file and the issue is sorted :slight_smile:

thanks alot!