Fill of nested curves

I’m trying to understand how vectors are treated regarding fill operations. When I used to use lasercad, I would always convert vector to bmp before sending to lasercad for running a job. Seems that many are using fill with vector in lightburn and that seems better, but not sure how to layer/nest to get right output.

Here is a customer’s image that I’m trying to engrave. First in coreldraw:

Then in lightburn:

With the fill created and layered in corel, it almost works in the second from left. The eyes and nostrils are missed. When I send a nostril alone, it is understood. The eyes don’t work alone or with whole head.

Is there a strategy that makes this straightforward?

A little difficult to tell from the images you posted, but looks like you have duplicate shapes, sitting on top of each other, which will cancel the fill. Fills use shape boundaries to define and toggle the fills for the shapes on that layer. You have things on several layers, which will change the way fills are calculated.

Additionally, LightBurn uses wireframe for shapes, and does not use Stroke or Fills set from an external editor.

This post should help with understanding how LightBurn chooses what to fill and when.

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And some additional info / discussion / examples on the topic (that may help you with your design approach):

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Thanks for links. I did have duplicate objects, must have screwed up when I did a line trace.
That fixed it.

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