Fill problem with offset shapes

hi, i am trying to fill sertain parts of a drawing and let sertain parts be white. however i get strange results. and not the resuilt i want.

sometimes it fills the inside, sometimes the circle. i just want the line to be filed no inside. it is closed. or it should be.

i have been messing around with the settings, but i dont get it where i want to.

am i missing somting?

your advise is apriciated.

file: shape.lbrn (58.0 KB)

In order to more easily determine the failure point for your goal, it would be useful for you to post your LightBurn file as an attachment. If the entire workspace is confidential material, create a duplicate of your original, then delete all except this portion and post that.

My first guess would be that your shapes are not closed. Use the feature to select open shapes set to fill, but first consider that you are using two different colors, which implies different settings. For a proper fill, all three should be the same layer.

your right. here the file shape.lbrn (58.0 KB)


The top right is the corner of the file you posted, no internal circle. The top left is a circle I added and set to the same layer as the rest of the file.

The bottom is the preview of the top.

Does the bottom left represent your goal?

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Bottom left is the result I wanted. I feel like somthing when wrong with import and export.

Sow how to replecate your solution?
It is not the only time this happend in the file.

But I focused on this to do 1 step at a time

The only thing I did was to add the circle eyeball-centered in the corner, then changed it to match the fill layer. If I had selected layer 7 before creating the circle, it would have been just that one step.

Your original picture shows a black circle in the center that is not in the file you attached. If you still have that file containing the black circle, select it and change the layer assignment.

thx ill try that. ill post what happens here.

well i managed at my home computer with a lightburn 0.9.16.

here is the resuilts


now i hope that i can save this lightburn file and open it witout issue at the lasershop that uses lightburn 1.0,

thx @fred_dot_u for the help.

i edited out the center image, becous its not relevant for the question.

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