Fill Question/Issue

So I’m a noob following this simple, fairly recent tutorial on shapes and the array tool. (Simple Shapes Create Great Designs in LightBurn - YouTube) I can’t figure out why mine comes out solid black when his has a clear pattern. What am I missing?! :smiley:

His: (screenshot)


Thanks in advance!

If possible you should upload the .lbrn2 file for us to look at.

I watched the video and did the steps, it worked for me… :smile_cat:

Off hand I can’t really say what is causing it. There are a bunch of videos out there on this very subject as there are initially confusion on how this works. The shapes have to isolate an area or it will do as yours is doing.

Might try and follow his steps again.

Here’s the simple-shapes.lbrn2 file to see if it works for you :slight_smile:

Oz has pointed out what probably bit you… Changed it my layer and got your results :dizzy_face:

Good luck. :smiley_cat:

Make sure you use “Fill all shapes at once” in the layer settings, not “Fill shapes individually” - that will change the behavior a bit.


Could have sworn I tried that… Works now. Thanks!

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