Fill Question (why does it do this?)

Using the fill mode, I am noticing that as the laser scans up the image it will sometimes skip sections and then move back to the bottom after it has gone to the top and pick up the sections it missed the first time. This behavior only adds to the the total time since it makes for extra Y movements.

In the picture below (where each rectangle is an exaggerated scan line) it would fill all the red scan lines, then return to the bottom and fill the blue scan lines. Why does it not just scan the full image from bottom to top? The image is a vector image all grouped together as one object.


Is it something in my Optimization settings that is making it do this?


This is what the preview looks like half way through (before it starts from the bottom again)


You have “Flood Fill Scanning” enabled in the scan setting. If you’re on a Ruida, you shouldn’t, unless you’re trying to engrave a very simple empty frame.

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Yep that was it. Thank you

I used a new color layer for that fill and it had flood fill turned on. Does the flood fill setting stay set for a layer if it was ever turned on?

All layer settings persist between runs. It’s something I’m going to make optional, because some people rely on it while others get tripped up by it.

Count me in the tripped up group.

There is a “Reset to defaults” button on the bottom of the cut settings window that will let you clear a setting the first time you use it in a project, if you remember to do so.

I had not noticed that button before, good to know.