Fill Seperation HELP

I have been trying get this image engraved but when I do it fills the entire thing. Need help with separating the elements.

What am I missing?

The C03 layer appears to be set to ‘fill’. I expect that to fill everything in the green box. :slight_smile:

yes fill the green but not red and black.

When the shapes are closed and if the lines don’t overlap you can put them all on the same layer and LightBurn will automatically remove the inside shapes from the filled area.

This may be of interest:
Start at 7:27 where the Flood fill tool is discussed.
Because of the complexity of your project ‘Flood-Fill’ is not advisable but the regular fill tool should work as expected. The video shows how the filled part behaves when all the shapes are on the same layer. :slight_smile:

Thank you I will check it out.

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