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Hey folks, I have several fill techniques to create patterns on acrylic (using Boss CO2 laser). These are primarily created by using large line intervals and optionally cross hatch. I store each as a library entry for rapid use. I have been experimenting with programmatic creations of spaced dots, but have been largely unsuccessful. The desire is to have a “perf mode” or “dither” type of burn as a fill. Recently I have attempted to create the effect using a gray image imported and then using the various image controls. Does anyone have a suggestion for a technique to do such a thing? Still playing but thought I would poll the greater knowledge pool :grin:

Set your fill interval and optional cross hatch, then use “convert to cut” in the edit menu. This creates a bunch of lines as a new group. Put these lines on a new cut layer, then adjust settings, e.g. perforation, passes, etc. I get some very lovely fill patterns with this method, especially with perforated crosshatched lines. Hot tip (literally): defocus your laser for even more variations.

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Thx. I had just created an array of very small circles and then used the boolean tool to cut the grouped array into the right shape. I really like your approach! I’ll do some more experimenting with it.

It’s on the wish list to have the system allow you to treat a filled shape as a bitmap with a gray value, and then allow the use of the image options like dithering. Performing the operation isn’t hard, but figuring out how to manage the UI for it is a bit tricky. I might start with an option to just create a bitmap from a shape, which would punt on the UI for a while.

Is this something that’s on the fider list and I should go vote for?
I was just wishing for something like this yesterday.

I’m not sure if it’s on Fider - it’s been on my personal wishlist for a while. :slight_smile:

Awesome! If it’s already on your personal wish list then I’ll assume that’s all the votes it needs. :smiley:

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