'Fill' with both Line and Fill layers?

I’m trying to engrave this on a water bottle but with all the Y axis rotary movement, it gets out of alignment. I’ve lowered the speeds which helped, but not enough.

I want to engrave it from end to end (top to bottom as shown), like a fill, to eliminate back and forth rotary movements, but since it contains both Lines and Fill, I can’t seem to do it.

It is possible?

The black butterflies are set to Line and the blue to Fill to get an effect which calls attention to the two in blue. That means I can’t set them all to Fill, which seems to create the limitation to be able to ‘fill’ from top to bottom.

Yeah, I tried that Rick. I doesn’t work as I hoped.


Do you have ‘Flood-Fill’ enabled in the ‘Advanced’ tab of the ‘Cut Settings’? Turn that OFF (red). What settings do you have for each layer? Screenshot those and post. How do you have things grouped? Share the file so we can take a look.

I didn’t have Flood Fille enabled, but that is only available on the Fill layer. It still draws the Line shapes rather than filling them. Butterfly Heart problem file.lbrn (355.4 KB)

The problem is that half of your design is lines, and they will be followed exactly by the laser. If you select everything on the black layer and offset it a little to add thickness, you’d be able to fill them too, and that would raster scan the whole design.

Select everything on the black layer (Shift + left click the black layer). Then click Offset, choose ‘Both’ as the direction, set a small distance, like 0.25mm (this will end up being 1/2 the thickness of the resulting lines), and set ‘Delete original’:

This is the result:

Set the black layer to fill now (or just change it to also be blue) and it looks like this when run:

That seems to be a workable solution. Thank you!

In case it is helpful not knowing how often this is a use case, but perhaps it would make a great feature to be able to ‘scan’ engrave the whole project rather than having to go through this more complicated step which could impact detail.

The only difference between making it an option or having you do this is who clicks the buttons. :slight_smile:

LightBurn would be doing this exact set of steps behind the scenes if we allowed you to engrave a line drawing, and this method allows you to be explicit about the settings used, interval, thickness of the lines, and so on.

Looking at this file, I would make changes.

  • Set Fill layer to Fill all shapes at once
  • Turn OFF (red) Flood Fill in Advanced tab
  • On Line layer, turn OFF (red) ‘Kerf’
  • On Line layer, turn OFF (red) ‘Dot Mode’ in Advanced tab

I would also flip ‘Invert’ to OFF (red) in the Preview window. This is intended to show the job on dark material.

Thank you. This was a success!

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