Filled image behind a traced image

Hello there, I am trying to put a traced image in front of a filled shape but can’t seem to figure out how… I feel like this is a simple task yet everything I have tried and researched doesn’t seem to work. thanks!

Upload the file we’ll see if we can help. I’m thinking its going to be a simple boolean process but it’s hard to tell with just a screenshot.

Still got some adjusting to do so don’t mind the settings.
Capt Stricklin sign.lbrn2 (702.2 KB)

Is this something what you’re looking for? The smaller stripe is being a problem because it has the node bug in it.

I deleted the small stripe and created a new one. How’s this?

Wow! that looks really awesome. How did you do it?

First thing I did was fix the small stripe. I’ll explain if you need but I basically created a rectangle the same width and boolean to the outer circle. I created a duplicate circle to not lose the first one.

The center artwork I selected and used the offset tool to create a line outward 0.5mm. I then clicked the line created and the stripes and did a boolean subtract. CTRL+B

Hope this helps. I’ll add the file I created. It’ll be different because I don’t have the font you used installed.

Capt Stricklin sign Change.lbrn2 (754.5 KB)

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Thanks for taking the time to help me out! Really appreciate it!

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