Filling outside the lines

I have a new install of lightburn and a ruida controller.
When I set to fill, it burns either side of the image on the x axis.
Line 1: line
Line 2: fill
Line 3: fill+line
Line 4: offset fill

Any ideas why?

Hard to tell from the photo but you may be dealing with this:
Configuring a Ruida - LightBurn Software Documentation

Thank you, that fixed my inverted x controls, but not the double imaging.

It looks like its doing a fill either side of where its supposed to be.

Did you look at the “Fix Skewed Engraving” portion?

That’s what I’m thinking it might be.

But I’m reconsidering based on your description. This might be an issue of offset scanning. Try running a fill of a rectangle with line interval at 1 mm. What’s the behavior?

I see the issue, but how to fix it?

It looks like backlash, check for something loose on the X axis

I had a similar problem where tool head wasnt coming back to the correct x position when i used cough engravelab.

I had to turn off the machine when changing the settings from rotary to table and back, a lengthy, drawn out, painful procedure.

Thank you for the help.
The issue is now resolved

Speed from 50mm/s to 1000mm/s, increments of 50

The table

The final result

The numbers you have for backlash look extremely large to me… Here are a few of mine…

Screenshot from 2022-06-01 08-15-15

I think you have other configuration or hardware issues. It shouldn’t backlash 3mm.?

Maybe someone else can chip in on this…


Wouldnt surprise me at all. This machine has been a problem from day one.

Within the first 12 months:
Replaced x axis motor
Replaced x axis driver
Replaced table/rotary switch
Found bad solder joint in rotary
The feed through is in the wrong position and unuseable
No documentation available for engravelab 10

All I’ve been wanting to do is engrave pictures on glass.
The stupid thing is I used lightburn on the emblaser2 and never thought to try it on the co2.

Ill see if i can find anything like backlash settings in engravelab.

Ok, here are the ‘factory’ settings. They were set by the guy who installed the laser.

Looks like Im not to far out, but now Im concerened they need to be that big.

Backlash in it’s simplest terms comes from the clearance required for the parts to operate. I can’t imagine it taking a mm of clearance for it to work.

These belts are basically cam shaft belts and have very no ‘slack’, it’s hard to stretch or compress them. The drawback is they are really designed for a single direction, not back and forth… I wouldn’t think that would make for such large values.

Good luck


I had a word to the manufacturer, they told me its because they use servo motors, not stepper.

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Great, my work with servos was decades ago. Sounds good since I don’t know any better…


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