Fills are shifted when sent to controller

I am having the same issue with filled text, preview shows fine all centred and nice but running the job the text is off centre. The screen on topwisdom is showing text off centred even though it is centred in job and on preview help, its driving me crazy too and wasting material

On preview

On job

On top wisdom screen

Three versions
Line (nicely centred)
Fill (doesn’t line up)
Fill+line (fill bit doesn’t line up)

Just to make sure wasn’t text related
A Shape fill doesn’t stay centred either

Preview is centred

But tip wisdom screen shows it was sent to laser off centred

Cameron: do you have ‘Scanning Offset Adjustment’ values applied in Edit > Device Settings? They aren’t used in the preview, but are when the job is sent to the machine. That could cause what you’re seeing.

Yes I do but they are tiny but I will see if somehow they have changed somehow. It was all working up until yesterday after update and then rolled back to previous version but it still happened so went back to latest version.
Will update later today to see if scanning offset is causing it.

Go to Help > Generate Support Data, open a Notepad, click Paste, save that to a text file and email the file to support@lightburnsoftware along with a link to this thread. I’ll have a look at the offsets in your settings.

What is the Initial Offset setting for, could these be messing things up?
Just for a bit of background, I do hundreds of these circles a week for last 4 months so it is only a new development.
Hope that support file can shed some light, I will go turn off the offset tab to see if that makes a difference.

Turning off the offset worked

It is roughly 2.4mm or so too far to the right and I am using 800mm/sec speed which Has offset of 0.12

The ‘initial offset’ value is what’s causing your problem. You told the software to shift everything by 2mm when running at 800 mm/sec, and 1mm when running at 500 mm/sec or 1000 mm/sec. Just remove the ‘initial offset’ values, but leave the line shift numbers.

Hi Oz, those initial offset setting have been there for months. When I initially set the offset values, I tried a few different values in the initial offset and It had no impact and nothing changed so had left them there and have been running jobs without any issues at all.
It is weird that it suddenly changed. I will try tonight with those initial offset removed and report back here.

Took out the initial offset and all good. Thankyou for the help. As I said it had been running fine for months and then it happened. Thankyou thankyou thankyou.
I have found another seperate issue with tabs so will start a new topic…sorry.