Final Clock - Need Help

I am a very new user to the forum and to laser burning. I purchased an Ortur Laser Master 2 (20 Watt laser) and tried burning this clock face onto a piece of pine. I had the angle set to 45 degrees with the power and speed shown below. How would I get the lines more solid and how would I get more detailed letter for the Dublin, Ireland at the bottom?

Thank you!!

From my experience such a light burn comes from too little energy being deposited into the material. The wood does not reach the temperature necessary to char. Two factors are important: How long does the laser stay at one spot and how small is this spot. Generally, the smaller the spot and the slower the move, the darker (and deeper) the burn.

So I would propose the following:

  • lower the engraving speed, maybe by half
  • make sure that the laser is well focused and the board is flat. It looks to me that your board is warped downwards in the middle and the surface wanders out of focus

Is your board flat? The varying exposure may indicate that the beam is going out of focus in the middle regions.

Also, it would be useful to know what wattage your laser is.

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