Final cut layer is offset from engraving

Hello all,
I have an issue with the final layer, the cutting of the material is offset from the engraving and line work. The one on the left is this issue, the one on the right is for comparison. See how the cut out layer is shifted 2-3mm to the right?

These were my original machine settings:

And I have reduced the Idle speed, Idle acceleration and the Min/Max acceleration by 25% as recommended in another post and it has not helped.

Any thoughts as to what may be causing this? The engraved words and background trees are on two different layers, and they always line up…


It is probably not a solution to the problem itself but I will group all layers and make sure that nothing is outside the last (cut) layer.

Hey Daniel,

have you enabled “Scanning Offset Adjustment” in LightBurn:


I have recently experienced some similar effect by myself if those settings are not set correctly. If you have enabled it you can just disable it and see if your situation improves (despite getting those line offsets back).

Good luck and cheers,

Thanks for the information and the response. This is my current set up:

I’m going to do a some research in regards to this, but do you have any suggestions on where to start as far as settings are concerned?

I have grouped everything together and have gone over the images with a fine tooth comb… no change.

Hey Daniel,

so it seems that you haven’t tinkered around with that option yet and so I would strongly suggest you read this:

As I had my aforementioned issues I have tinkered with those options and had placed “guide lines” around the scan lines to see how far I would get off of the position where they should be. Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

The scan lines should be perfectly centred within the lines around them, touching the corners of the small squares.

Good luck and Cheers,


Hey, Thank you very much! I was just thinking about how I would test this issue. I’ll try it this evening and get back on here with the results.


So i finally had a bit of time to do this test, here are the results…

I tried changing the order of the layers as well, but the test went smoothly. It all seems to be in the box and nothing is out of sorts. I’m starting to think that this is a software issue and not a hardware issue.
Sorry about the delay, my real job grabbed me for a bit.


So what values do you have entered in your “Scanning Offset Adjustment” table?

Well it looks like scanning offset which IS a hardware problem, caused by delay from when the “on” signal is sent to the HVPS to when the tube actually fires. But it’s a known and normal problem and that’s why “Scaning Offset Adjustment” exists.
Run your scan at 2 or 3 different speeds (minimum of 2, more is better) like 100mm/s, 200mm/s, 400mm/sec. Get your magnifying glass and calipers out and measure the distance between the ends of those misaligned lines. divide that amount by 2 and enter that number in the scan offset adjustment table for that speed. (Don’t forget to enable the offset also)
It’ll look something like this, but your numbers will be different.

Run the scan again for each speed and see if the ends line up. If not, tweak your numbers until it looks you’ve found its happy spot.

Brian already gave you the link to instructions in post #6.

This is what folks are pointing out.

Look very closely, they lines do not match.

I see what you’re talking about, I’ll run the test again and this time put the line interval higher. I’m not sure but those little tails at the end of the fill might be from how I cleaned the piece of wood to get the soot off. Some of it may have bled into the grain of the wood, as I washed it and gave it a little scrub with an old tooth brush. To answer the question of the values that I have entered in the "Scanning offset Adjustment " table… nothing yet. Thanks for responding, I really want to sort this, and hopefully learn a bit too.

Yeah, soot bleeding along the wood grain can make it a little harder to see what’s up.
I find it easiest on some heavy white card stock, back of a business card, or on nice fine grained cardboard like a cereal box or similar.

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I’ll give it a shot on some recycling and see what it looks like.

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