Final result after adjusting on the fly

When you adjust the speed or power on the fly and increase or decrease by 10% more than once,
does the second and third increase use the original value to increase or the new value. I’m trying to determine the final values after adjusting multiple times.

The adjustments are not stored in any way - they’re temporary, and applied only on the controller itself while the controller is running.

I understand that but I made numerous changes during a burn and kept track of what I did and would like to know where I finally ended up. If I started at 45% power and added 10% eight times what would my final power be? Also with speed I started at 4000 and added 10% 5 times where did I end. I made these changes incrementally during a burn so I could pick the best result.

If you clicked +10% eight times, you’d now be at 180% of the original (100 + 80%).
45 x 180% is 81.

For speed, 4000 x 150% is 6000, and that will also increase the power as you do that, compensating for the speed increase (it’s just how GRBL works), so you’re likely now at 100% power.

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