Finally finished my laser box

Finally finished my laser box. My S9 is on the bottom and my S6 and rotary is above it. There is a lot of room if I need to raise either machine. Shelves are removable. Black hoses in the back are the exhausts. The only things I need to do is place the clear plexiglass on top, change the lighting inside as it is not bright enough, And possibly drill a couple of holes in the door for the air intake. I’m not a carpenter and I guess I should have stained the wood before I glued and nailed the pieces together. But I guess it’s what sits inside that matters. Also, the glass on the door is O.D.6 rated.


Only room for two?

Looks great…


Nice setup.

The only mistake I made was that I didn’t make it wide enough in case I wanted to install the expansion for the lasr.