"Find My Laser" with TPLINK RD-WIFI (or other AP)

In the Device Selection section, will the “Find My Laser” work with AP controllers like the TPLINK RD-WIFI . . . or does that only work with USB connections?

I think I have everything on the TPLINK RD-WIFI unit set up correctly – except for the fact that the Gateway and DNS server is instead of (which is the gateway for all of my other wifi devices). I don’t know how to edit that.

I try to access the device at its IP address and get username/password fields, but neither admin/admin nor Admin/Admin work – and it’s a new device which has not previously been used.


Find My Laser is to be used for USB Devices plugged directly into the computer, you have to tell LightBurn the IP address of the laser for network installations.

So, if you can suffer me pressing this a bit more as I trouble shoot why LightBurn doesn’t seem to be connecting to my RDC TP Link access point and my red-and-black laser - or kindly redirect me to more appropriate part of the forum.

(1) I Accessed the RDC TPLink AP SSID and set the IP address to

(2) I accessed the Ruida 6445G Menu, changed the IP Config to and clicked on the Write button.

(3) I returned to my regular Wireless network SSID and manually set up a new device on Lightburn, choosing Ruida, Ethernet, and then setting the IP address to

(4) I turned my laser on and off, unplugged and replugged the network cable, and tried to move the gantry around using LightBurn . . . but no response.

Should the Ethernet version make a connecting beep in the way that the USB version does? CAn the USB cable still be plugged in while making these adjustments?

2 devices cannot share the same IP address. Assuming this is connecting to the rest of your network you need to assign the RDC and the RUIDA 2 different, unused IP addresses. Then make sure you can ping both.

I haven’t used a TP-Link myself, so I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work, if it functions as a relay, etc. Follow whatever directions came with the unit itself.

As long as you can ping the laser from your PC, LightBurn should be able to connect to it as well.

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