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I just need a few extra eyes to find the difference between these two machines. (besides the different bed types) What is the difference from this B0924CHHGG machine, to this B08R3DM2CN?

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About 55kg, that’s all i can see different.
The 500x700 is the same as mine except mine is the 80w but could have done the same work with the 60, it’s a great machine(or maybe i was just lucky) :thinking:
One thing, it doesn’t show where the exhaust comes out, back or side, be worth checking.

Hi Chris, I think you have looked at a wrong machine, the two I link to have the same weight and are 60Watt machines. Other than dual machine bed in one machine I can not figure out where the difference is.

Hey Bernd,

I think Kris was talking about his machine being 80W, not the ones you have linked.

After checking both I don’t think there is any difference and I wouldn’t bet that they will actually have different beds. I have compared the full text of both products and they are 100% the same here besides the product pictures and B0924CHHGG is additionally mentioning to send out the plug separately to the machine.
And what they show on the product pictures has not necessarily to be part of the product if it is not explicitly written in the product description.

Furthermore the ASIN is not the product code but the unique Amazon product number (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and you could sell exactly the same item with as much ASIN (and therefore independent product pages) as you want on Amazon and my personal experience is that a lot of Asian companies are doing that for some reasons.

All that said it looks like a nice machine and if you are interested in buying it I would strongly suggest to contact Orion Motor Tech and ask them about the exact differences of those two machines. If you are very lucky you will get a usable answer from them.

And just if you are not able to see the user feedback I have seen here, I will attach two pictures from one happy buyer of that machine (B08R3DM2CN):


Good luck and cheers,

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One of them the manual isn’t guaranteed to be in English. ROFL…

Oh, and one comes with dimming paper and the other with paper dimming. And I have NO idea what that means.


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So the description varies from language to language, interesting.

Hi Brian, Thanks for your reply and the nice pictures, I like the clean way you have connected and placed your machine.
Amazon (OMT) has not responded to my inquiries.
When I look up your number (B08R3DM2CN) I get a 400x600 machine, but your pictures show another machine. Is not this B08R3F7XNT machine you have?

Yes, the machines are reasonably similar except for size and weight, (400x600 compared to 500x700), but the exhaust output is probably shown on the back of the smaller machines and on the left side by the large ones, thanks for the answer.

Hi, sorry Bernd i clicked your first link and it shows 2 machines in the ad, I wrongly assumed it was the 2 you were asking about :roll_eyes:

no problems, these long link URLs are also a bit confusing

Hey Bernd,

I’m sorry for causing some confusions. That is actually not my machine, I had once bought a blue and white Chinese 900x600 machine and I was quite happy with it at first but slowly learned it’s many limits and shortcomings and finally decided to start from scratch and build my own one.

I wasn’t referring to my own machine but to someone who has posted those pictures on Amazon and I only have posted those pictures here just for the case that you or someone else haven’t stumbled upon them on Amazon by themself.
And yes, I do like the way that guy has connected his machine as well and he has actually bought the bigger one (500x700, ASIN: B08R3F7XNT). :slightly_smiling_face:

So sorry again for any confusion I have caused and good luck with your further decisions! Hopefully OMT will get back to you during the upcoming night or tomorrow morning, at least that’s usually the time I get a response from those ASIAN Marketplace owners.


No worries, everything is ok. Thanks for your input anyway.

Yeah, they suck.
FWIW, on those lengthy amazon URLs all you need is the first part that includes the ASIN code. Everything from "ref= " and after is garbage and can be discarded.

thanks, that’s good news :+1:

Today I have had one of the good ideas that luckily comes once in a while. :laughing:
On my porch I have large plastic boxes for garden furniture and barbecue accessories and similar things. The box has almost identical dimensions to the 600x400 laser machine I am about to buy. I emptied the box and dragged it down to the basement, all the way to my workshop, and I succeeded !!! I can assure you that it’s a better feeling to have tried it than just relying on the stated dimensions and a few control measurements. It may sound a little strange, but for me it was a useful and nice little hassle.

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I am looking at tons of lasers and they drive me batty. All within $100 of each other and it’s truly hard to spot the difference. Good luck on your purchase, I look forward to seeing it before I make my final decision.

It’s probably not a good idea to wait for my purchase, it sometimes takes a lot of time, even if I have decided. I think it has been going on for a year now !!! :astonished:
But it will be the machine of the two that has a dual bed. I am already looking around for 2-3 different focus lenses and a new nozzle to be able to change more easily, and I also need a better air compressor …

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Thank you. I am putting together a spread sheet and will post it. I have narrowed it down but your suggestion is correct. I just needed some validation. I know that sucks, but hell, this is a laser.

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