Finding degree information on a line

I would like to find what degree this line I drew is. I would also like to align it horizontally.
Shape properties and measurement give no angle information.
If I grab and try to rotate it I only get degrees of rotation from 0deg.
If I go to node edit and try and align with A it is not aligning.
What am I missing here?

I would say that is because this is a curve and not a straight line.

Here’s what you see if it’s a line:


Ah thanks. It looks straight but when I pressed L in node edit things started working.

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In terms of strategies for aligning it horizontally:

  1. push A while in Edit Nodes and hovering over the line
  2. create a known square and horizontal line/shape at the lowest corner of the line. Then use 2-point rotate/scale to rotate the rest of the shape against the reference horizontal line

None of that works until line is straight.

I was only addressing the alignment aspect, not the curve vs line aspect since that was already resolved.

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