Finish job by moving Engraver to back right

I have a RAY5 10 W Laser Engraver with a size limit of 400mm x 400mm. Id’ like to move the laser to the back right when the job finishes so that I can access my project. In addition I’d like this to be my “Go To Origin” point. Meaning, that when I turn the laser on the psoition of the laser is already manually placed there. I have no limit switches. I’m a novice at this and still working on fine tuning procedures.

This is a GRBL system.

To change your finish position, go to the Move window and use the arrows to reposition your laser head to where you would like it to return to on job finish. Then click the Set Finish Position button. Your machine will now remember that spot for future jobs. This can be reset at any time by repeating these steps for a new location.

Move Tool Window

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I use the “Saved Positions” on the Move tab to quickly move to preset XYZ coordinates. You can also use the macro buttons (once programmed) to send the head.

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Thanks very much! Helpful information, I’ve put it in use… :smile:

Thank you very much! Didn’t know about the move window and set finish position. :smile:

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