Finished 3d on maple

I’m trying some 3d cnc files on maple with my 60 watt.


You are going to need to give some details on that! What machine did you use, and what was your process for getting such great results.

Hi, it’s a 60 watt Chinese co2 laser. Used a 3d cnc grayscale and ran a total of 7 passes at various speeds and power from 450mm and 75% down to 200mm and 25% power. Cut outt the 1/2" maple with the laser and cleaned with soap and water with a soft brush.

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Thanks, I have been under the impression that only a metal tube laser (like the Epilog) could do acceptable 3D work.

Is there any method for figuring out the number of passes and power for each pass? Or do you just see what the first pass look like and decide from there what the next pass should be?

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That did come out well!

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I have tried a long time to do this. (Ruined a lot of wood…or made fire wood :slight_smile: . It think two passes at a high percentage and high speed followed by lower percentage, same speed and cleaned up by lower percentage rate and lower speed works well…for me.

this was another attempt.


hi ed,

this is really exceptional work by any standard .

well done.

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Thank you Barrie, much appreciated!