Finished buzzer

Hi Team.

Brand new user and loving learning the new software.

I run alot of small parts in production runs and whilst the laser is running im doing other tasks in the workshop.

My question is…

Is there a way to make a buzzer or audio sound to let me know when the laser is finished?

Better yet is there away to wire up a light tree. Like a red yellow green light tree?


We could, but we won’t. We are focused on making better software for lasers. Laser work can start a fire. We will not develop any feature promoting remote monitoring. We have seen too many posts that start with, “I just had to take a pee…”. We need to be able to sleep at night, so no, we can but won’t. :wink:

Some controllers do provide audible, status indications and provide support for light tree, but this is outside LightBurn.

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Ah roger I get the safety aspect of it.

Suppose you can’t give me any advise on where to find information on how to achieve this via the hardware?

Many thanks

You are correct. Not trying to be a jerk here, but please see above. :wink:

A laser isn’t like a most other computer controlled tools - it quite literally makes fire as a normal part of its operation, so it’s not something you should ever leave unattended. As such, we will never add features whose only purpose would be to help you to use the laser without supervision

I can’t stop you from finding a way to do it, but if you burn your house down with your kids in it, I need to be able to sleep at night knowing that I did what I could to prevent it.

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