Finished photograph on Baltic Birch

No plastic film
1/4" Baltic Birch
Speed 150 mm/sec
Power 20%
Orion 60W Ruida 6442B-C
One hour and five minutes duration, 26 megs.

Some years back I collected vintage photos of the Depression Years. I was born in January 1934, the time rang a bell for me. Born and raised on a family farm, never have forgotten my roots.

I do not often present photos on any forum etc. of the work I do.

Thanks for looking.


Hi Marion, really nice result and without PVC - :+1: :wink:
I notice that there are no visible lines in your image, you are using a very high resolution I think.
And thanks for the data, without it it is β€œonly” another image on the web.

Vinyl crinkles when image has a large amount of engraving
One more thing on the vinyl:
I have two six inch fans in-line with exhaust pipe. Pipe goes into a chamber that has a 16” totally enclosed exhaust fan.

.1 on resolution. Takes longer but looks nice

Cutting vinyl with a laser is very dangerous. The size or power of your exhaust system does not change that. The gas released is corrosive to metal, and Lungs! Cutting vinyl with a laser is very dangerous!

And this one which I also shared in your other post on this subject.