Finishing aborted Job

Hi all,

I wonder if there is any possibility to finish an aborted Job after, for example, lost connection - I know about the possibility to start the Job again with a Scan-Angle 180°, but if the connection is lost again, the work is lost!
So it would be great, if it could be possible to start the engraving at the last position - is there any possibility to to that?

Many thanks in advance

Now I don’t know for sure that this will work as I haven’t tried it, but, and with many assumptions about many things, :shushing_face::crazy_face:
You can try restarting using the preview facility “start from” and see if you get lucky.

I hope you can :sunglasses:

yes, , this works fine. Already tried

Hi Giorgio, Please edit the heading / Title to read RESOLVED :slight_smile:

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yes ok, sorry

Oh man no problem :slight_smile:

Just looks much better and let’s people know immediately there’s an answer.

Have a great day :blush::blush:

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