Finishing project that I can't find

Hi, newbie here… I’m right this moment doing a file that has numbers engraved on little squares. My machine is still running as we speak. In the cuts/layers window, before I started engraving the numbers, I pulled up the cut lines and clicked on output, so they wouldn’t start the cutting until the numbers were all done engraving, and I could lower the cone back to cutting height. In the meantime, while it was engraving the numbers, I worked on some other pieces to the project I’m doing, thinking i could just hit the “back” or “undo” button when it came time to do the cutting part. However, somewhere along the line, I must have clicked on save project or something, and now I can’t find the current file that’s being engraved and waiting to be cut. I hope this makes sense. I just need to find the file that is currently being engraved, and activate to output the cutting and run it again, without the engraving part. Please help me. Thank you.

I’m not quite sure I follow.

If you had selected ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ and sent the graphics you had selected to the engraver, or if you had switched off the output for the layers you didn’t want to send to the laser, the information should still be in the LightBurn file.

If you had the LightBurn file open and you clicked save, the previous version will be gone.

If the LightBurn file was over-written, it’s gone. If you were using the xTool, the CGcode file is temporary and streamed from LightBurn. That will be gone too. If you sent instructions to the Ruida, it will have that file in the controller. It will accurately engrave the numbers but the unsent cut operation you describe will not be available in that file.

I hope your file is still available.

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