Fire and Frame Power, Snapmaker A350, 40W

When setting fire level to 0.5% in Lightburn the laser fires with enough power to actually burn material (wood, paper, etc.) But when framing with the same power setting, the power is significantly less without marking the material.
I thought that the output for framing was set in the fire window and should be the same for both.

Can you provide the following with your design loaded in LightBurn and ready to burn:

  1. Enable “Show all” in Console, then push Fire button in Move window. Capture all output in Console and paste here in a reply
  2. Go to File->Save gcode, save with .txt extension and then upload here.

In communicating with Snapmaker, there may be an anomaly with my machine/firmware setup.
They have requested system and machine logs to review.
I will update if there are changes in the situation.