Fire button does not turn off laser

Every time I start up a burning project, it takes me hours to get it set up. It does not seem to remember any set up data when when I recall a project. What ever is going on, it is not “simple” to set up. On top of this issue, all of sudden, I can turn the laser on in the “MOVE” area but it does not turn off. It just started doing that and the only way is to turn the power off on the laser. This has got to be the most frustrating software program I have ever used in my over 50 years of using programs. So, someone, please tell me what happened to make it so the laser does not turn off when the fire button is turned off. Yes, the button is unselected when I click it. But, the laser stays on.
It now just started not burning lines even though the power and speed are correct. It was working a minute ago, and now it moves and the laser “is on” but not burning. I didn’t do anything - it just stopped working right. Frustrating!