Fire button not working Atomstack A10 Pro No Power

I have the Fire Button enabled in the Devise Settings and it is activated in the Move Window, but does not fire when pressed and will not fire to Frame the work. The laser aldo will not fire when I Start the project. This is a new problem, it was working fine before. What did I do wrong?

Also I test separate Fan, Laser with 12v 3A power tool and it work when is disassembled from frame.

When I start project RUN program Laser move but no power and Fan do not rotate…

When I start project laser move but power of laser is zero.

I am using this power supply for mother board: DC output 12V 5A ( “-” outside “+” inside for pin)

I am trying to solve this problem for last 6 months!!!

Here is my settings and parameters:


















































If you are comfortable using a multimeter unplug cables from controller and laser head and check each cable for continuity, if ok connect only to controller side and check voltages .

Thanks for suggesting that, I will check that tomorrow and send feedback.

If I understand correctly, I should open main mother board , disconnect cables and check each of them for continuity with multimeter?

All cables that are going from mother board to all motors two micro sensors and module?


No. Only cable that goes from motherboard to laser head.

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Is “3A power tool” a separate power supply? Did you test it using the 5A supply?

Monitor the 12v 5A supply when trying to burn a part. The 3A laser does not leave much for the stepper motors. The 12v could be good under light load, but drop when you load it up.

But check the wiring first. A more than near zero ohms reading can mean a frayed, 1 strand left, wire.

Also, 4% Fire is quite high. A setting of 0.5-0/75% is more then enough to be visible. You can cook something at 4% with a 10w diode.


Just did wire conducting test ( picture attached)
All good ,I check every point

I saw on some of the forums that someone recoment using 24V power supply??

Here is youtube link:

Can someone share photo of their AtomStack A10Pro power supply adapter?

I will try to buy 12V 5A power supply and try then

Did all checking , all good, please see photos attached bellow.

How to check Voltages, do I need to plug main board to power supply and then on the end of the cables for module calculate voltages?

For voltages you have to plug main board to power supply and then check at end of the laser head cable.
After you can test laser output with 1.5v battery:

    1. With your 12V power supply make all the connections except the (+)1.5V battery.
    1. Put your Laser protection glasses (1.5V equals roughly 30% power).
    1. Briefly touch the (+) and test your laser for output.

      (done in Lightburn)
      Likely you need 12V/5A because the laser module has a consumption of 3A.

To check the power supply under (near) full load, you need to have everything hooked up. You will be testing where the power supply connects to the controller board. You want to see if the supply drops below 12 volts by very much when the laser is firing.

You can set up a test burn by making a few large circles, 2-3 passes, air assist on, and about 80-85% power. Set the speed up so you burn instead of cut, so you can reuse the board several times. This will also increase the motor current… Maybe even defocus because that will not impact the meter readings.

Bottom line is you want to test your 5A power module under a near full load. Then you can decide whether to buy a new one or not. If 5 amps is marginal, buy a supply with more oomph.

Note to anyone have power supply issues: If I ever discover I have a marginal supply, I will size it at twice the amps and use one of those in a metal box like a PC computer power supply. A 25A 12v module is fairly cheap. As a side note, I put 3 of them (+5, +12, -12) in a Bridgeport mill that used a voltage critical PDP-11 minicomputer.

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