Fire button not working

Hello. I have been having an issue and I can’t for the life of me figure out what happened. My fire option isn’t working. I have looked at all the settings, deactivated and reactivated the fire option and it’s not working. I love using the feature as if helps me line the engravings properly. If it’s something I’ve done who knows anything is possible. If anyone has any idea’s I can try it would be great.

try looking in the move window

This is the only thing in my settings. I use to use the fire button. It seems to have disapeared in the last week or so. Not sure where it went. I don’t remember having an upgrade notification but I could be wrong.

The move window itself changes to the window you have to the right of your send image, but only when the machine is running a task. So that’s a little weird.

It was doing a job while I when I did the screen capture. It just showed back up which is weird because I’ve been trying to get it back working for 3 days now. I don’t know how it just disappeared and quit working. It’s back and working so I am so thankful. Trying to line up a project with out it is a pain. Thanks for your assistance

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