Fire Button on tool bar?

Hi, is there a way to have a fire button on the tool bar. Its all working well if I open the “Move” Window, but its not good having to open a new window to get to it that messes up my window layout.
Just a thought, I could create a macro to turn it on for a second at low power.

We have a place for these. :wink:

Can anyone help me with the code for a macro button, my attempts failed, I have added my request to the suggested Features .


? I don’t know what you intended to say but there is nothing here.
I have worked out the commands and have them stored under a macro button, the time on can be varied by extending the P1.5 to any time you need like P5.0 would give you 5 seconds of on time
G1 F100 S.5
G4 P1.5

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