Fire Laser option

Howdy all – I have a NEJE 30w(7.5w really) diode laser. I have the %age to .01% and once fire laser is on, it still burns a little lol-- How can I use this for alignment if its al;ways leaving a mark. I cannot lower it anymore as it wont let me (.01%) Thanks for any help offered

noone has had this issue? lol I must have a super powerful little diode laser lhehehehe

No, you don’t. It’s unlikely to be hitting 5W. They lie.

If you’ve set it to 0.01% and you’re getting material burn, it’s either moving reeeeally slowly or you’re not setting it to 0.01%, regardless of what you are setting in LB.

Have you followed the instructions for setting up grbl diode machines?

Hello and than you for taking the time to answer. I was kidding about the super powered little laser :0) I understand from reading the power they list is input power not out, it was mentioned it was really was equal to 7w. I have it set up and burning nicely on a slew of objects. Im trying to focus the beam on the object I am marking and have the “fire laser” set to .01% – also framing too. I have followed lightburn and grbl RE speed settings etc. Did I miss some instructions?

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