Fired up the Wainlux JL3

Well since my atomstack decided to stop accepting limit switch inputs, it was time to pull out my Wainlux JL3.

First thing I had to do was flash the firmware over to the LGRBL (god knows why it didn’t have it to begin with). Their software was quite minimalistic, and their “wireless” printing was God awful it would stop part way through every print and required hot spotting to be enabled on your phone, it was a hassle and why i just set it aside.

The goofy part is the unit will home to the top left with the limit switches and then backoff to the bottom left to wait for you to start printing and I can’t figure out why. It seems like it is an 80 step/mm but the math off of the 20teeth pulley with the assumption of 1.8 and 1/16th but i’m not sure as it was off on movement so I went from 40mm to 80 and it is almost spot on so not sure on what step motors it is running.

I forgot what it was like to print with a manual focal adjustment, “is that really the finest point , nope to far wait is that far enough” LOL

It is working in lightburn right now and was working on some glass etching with the atomstack so that’s what i’ll play with for now.

feel free to comment or add any info I might be missing