Firmware Problem

Hello there;
I own the AtomStack A5 Pro. I corrupted the settings in the firmware section. Now I cannot make the correct settings. Can you help me with this?

Have you reached out to the nice folks at AtomStack for the ‘correct’ settings? What are you observing to indicate they are not set correctly? What is the issue, exactly, you are having?

Hello there;
I broke the firmware. I sent messages via e-mail, facebook and instagram. They posted firmware on Facebook. Fixed. But on the x-axis the power of the laser drops. They did not offer me a solution for this. In case there is any problem like me, I share the file they sent me in the attachment.

Hex File

Can you offer an example or show us what “But on the x-axis the power of the laser drops.” means, exactly?

I do not know the English language. I use google translate. It doesn’t make sense. So I’m sorry if it’s not understood. I’m far from my laser machine now. I wanted to explain with drawing. Power comes to a minimum on the X axis. Burning does not occur. My problem is that the laser power decreases on the x-axis.
You can think of the figure below as the cut marks on 3 mm MDF.


Maybe he means when it is supposed to cut moving in the X-axis, the laser output is reduced, or off.

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