Firmware update and console issues

I have just updated my firmware for my Master 3 with the file ESP_OLM3_V211_20230419. I followed the direction exactly. When I went back into Lightburn, the console was showing me all kinds of symbols along with waiting to connect. I selecting my Ortur device and nothing happened. Even the macros I created didn’t work. How do I reverse the update or go back to how it worked before . I worked great except for my images being skewed to the right, which is why I updated the firmware. Please help!

Could you show us what you are seeing on your console?

Also when you power on machine does it home?

Yes it’s already in the home position but nothing else works such as the macros that have been set up for the cover I have such as lights on and lights off.

That looks like a baud rate mismatch between the controller and Lightburn. Cannot believe it Homed unless it homes on power up without Lightburn running.

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I was able to add new device to see if maybe it was just a bad connection and that did the trick. It found my route, I renamed it and back to square one. I had to start from scratch for the settings but it works again. Thank goodness!

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it does yes

Great news

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