Firmware update for mac

Is there a firmware update available for Mac?

That would be something to take up with Apple, not us.

If you are asking if Ortur offers a way to update the laser firmware using your Mac to do the process, I believe the short answer is no, but here is what they have said in the past to confirm.

Is that your job to pass the buck to Apple?

Does Microsoft supply the update for Lightburn?

MyBad. I should have been asking Ortur!

I am confused by your contempt. You asked about a firmware update for an Apple product.

Sorry about the misunderstanding. I should have been contacting Ortur.

To be fair, your question was not very clear, so I made a guess. :slight_smile:

We did provide the information you “requested” in the link I supplied above. Is there an additional issue we can help you with?

For non-IT geeks, it can be a challenge to update the firmware of a given product. The home page of the product suppliers often says: “Firmware update no. .bin for Mac” or similar, I definitely know quite a few people in my circle who will try to update the Mac or PC itself to make the s**t work. :wink: On the good pages there is of course also a text file with the correct information, how it works.

As stated before, the problem with updating old machines - ortur - with Mac is the “dirty” file system
As soon as you mouth a SD drive on mac it fills it with hidden files

This was addressed on future revisions of the booatloader, and is technically doable by console commands on mac. SOme users had success. A failure however means, a bricked board. Therefore your milage might vary.
However as we have to level the plain field we recomend using windows ONLY for updating firmware to be safe
Once firmware is updated machine is usable on any operating system

All is documented in change logs as well.

Gil, it was not an attack on Ortur or you at all, you stand out from the others who do not give explanations and help to their customers.
And I’m well aware of the limited firmware flash capabilities of MAC OS with external media.

I didnt take it as an atack is all cool

Always good to explain things as much as possible

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