Firmware update

Hi, Irecently updated my Ortur firmware because the ‘pause, resume’ wasn’t working.
I updated the Pro instead of the basic.
I went in and updated with the correct version but when i install it in lightburn it recognizes
the ‘OLF_140’ but still loads the ‘Pro firmware settings’.
I’ve reloaded the fimware several times to make sure it wasn’t something i was doing wrong (again) but just noticed what used to be ‘M3/M4’ the air assist is now ‘M7/M8’
so i’m guessing it’s an issue with lightburn (although caused by me)
I there a way i can reset lightburn or can i delete it and reload without have to go through the licencing thing again.
I have been in touch with Ortur but it should reset when firmware is updated.
Windows 10, Ortur2 20w
Any help would be appreciated.

Uninstalled lightburn and re-installed, same results, keeps restoring Pro settings.
Uninstalled lightburn and re-installed with lightburn earlier version 0.9.19 and still same results.
replaced Grbl to earlier version and still it keeps restoring
Pro settings yet I removed ‘devices’ Got me totally stumped…
This would be great if only I had the Pro laser :thinking:

@OrturTech should be able to help you restore or update the correct firmware. Uninstalling and reinstalling LightBurn will have zero effect on the firmware installed on your motion control board.

Can you please drop me a message via ticket at
I come here now and again but wont be very productive

Hopefully we can go through a few steps to fix it
This said repeating the firmwre update process using the RIGHT firmware should work perfectly
Dont froget, windows only, unzip FIRST
Disable any antivirus that might be running

Hi, managed to sort it out, would like to tell you how but i just persisted doing what i was doing over and over and finally fixed, wish i knew… :confused:
Thank you for your time.
something else i’ve learnt not to do again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to jump here

But i updated the firmware and my laser stop working
Is new only two weeks after the firmware not fire light up (he is moving and try to engrave) but not engrave at all just moving like he is engrave

The only thing i can think of is, I turned off my windows security before i updated the last time but apart from that i’m not sure.
Make sure you downloaded the correct firmware for you machine.
Hope this helps.

Thank you

Everything was perfect until the firmware updated now i dont know how to change fix or go back to old firmware.

My problem was i updated the wrong firmware but you can correct it, just download the correct firmware.
you can update as much as you want, it took me about 7 times before i eventually got it to work.
Are you using an Ortur machine?
if so you can go to the Ortur sight and get help or there are videos explaining how to do it.

I will do it again and see

Yes is Ortur Laser M2

Only two week old and not issue after the firmware update thats the reason i think is firmware problem

Ortur – Firmware Repository – Ortur

Ortur laser master2 firmware update v 1 4

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