Firmware upgrade for the ruida 644xg

Anyone know of an upgrade firmware for the Ruida 644XG controller?
Can’t seem to find one on the Ruida site…
thanks mucho

They don’t post firmware upgrades, you have to email them and ask for it. I have a few for the 6445 and 6442 on my Google Mod Page, but nothing for the 644X.

Part of it is that some of the suppliers put their own in with logos and such.

thanks mucho

If you are creative enough, the factory firmware will let you insert your own logo…

Hi Dave, which are the 6445G ones you have please and could you please share them :blush:

Top of my Google Mod Page

Check the first two data fields in the firmware version. That will tell you if they are compatible or not.

Thank you very much :blush::thinking::sunglasses:

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