Firmwre downgrade

I’ve upgraded my cohesion3d mini to the latest smoothieware firmware.
Since then I’m havin tons of problems so I want to roll back
Previous firmware was from Mar 20 2018
How can I get that old firmware again? Can’t find it in github.
Please, help

What problems are you having? ‘Tons of problems’ isn’t very descriptive. Did you update the C3D to firmware posted on their site, or generic Smoothieware you got somewhere else? You should be able to find the downloads for the mini on C3D’s site in the documentation section.

Thank you, Oz.
Problems were from win10 not detecting it, inverted axis, no terminal connection, lightburn can’t find it… Too variable to explain, but all based on the wrong firmware.

Coudn’t find anything on the documentation/knowledge area, but finally I found a dropbox link in the c3d forum:

Going back to the stock firmware solved all issues.

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