First attempt Box Design

So I am still waiting on the final pieces to assemble my Ortur Laser master 2. I have been working on designs to try and hit the ground running when it gets here.

I saw a box design somewhere and though it looked cool so… First time using Lightburn but have done many vector graphics in the past, AI, Corel, Inkscape, Afinity etc…

Can attach the .lbrn if anyone wants

Have a look at

Thank you for the link. far easier than building one from a picture that is for sure.

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I use it for the initial dimensional build, then modify in LB or AI to add embellishments, etc.

It’s not fault-free - the corners of the fingers have some strange artefacts, but you can ignore them, mostly. I’m so used to it, now, I have pre-optimised boxes in many sizes already to use.

Oz pointed out the little “curlies” (loops) to me when I had mentioned to someone in another thread some time ago. They are an artifact of the “burn correction/allowance” and, as you’ve noted, are so small that they can usually be ignored. Since then, I’ve simply set the burn correction to 0 (no “curlies”) and used LB’s kerf offset to adjust the fit.

I pursued it a bit at the time, however – the “curlies” bothered me just being there – and found that if you import a SVG that has them… select all the shapes and use LB’s “Offset Shapes” by some tiny amount (just so the shapes don’t connect to each other… 0.1mm works for me) “Outward” and “Corner” and then delete the original objects. Select all shapes again and use “Offset Shapes” to move back “Inward” by the same tiny amount as before and the weird loops are gone.

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You and me both - I didn’t think I had OCD until I looked deep into a finger joint :slight_smile: