First attempt photo engraving maple , tips appreciated

60W CO2, 100mm/s 25% power, Jarvis 318dpi, any tips on improving the burn would be much appreciated!


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That’s a pretty good result - you could go a little higher on the power to try to darken it, and lowering the DPI might actually help catch more of the finer details like the shading on his face - it doesn’t look like those fired the laser long enough to make the dots.

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Thanks for the feedback Oz, I’m gonna retry this following your advice, will report back!

I only have a small 15w laser and have spent months trying to etch a half descent photo on to wood. Your original is a really nice photo and the etched image looks quite good too. I have just found this web site with some interesting info. DPI vs. PPI For the Laser | Engravers Network It has put me right as I was increasing the DPI and getting nowhere. If you have to many dots per inch they start to overlap and degrade the image. Now I know this and have lowered my DPI I am getting better results. Remember though that increasing the power to darken the image can also increase the size of the etched dots. So lower the DPI as you increase the power. All good advice from Lightburn.

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Thanks Ron, great advice, which I will attempt to follow soon. Cheers!