First engraving on white finished mdf

This was engraved on white finished mdf sheet obtained from local wood yard i presume its used as bath panels.
Use plenty of ventilation and a mask as it stinks when engraving .
Engraved with sculpfun s9 1000 mm pm at 60% as traced image.
Had to use gimp and inkspace to edit the image to produce firm fine lines before engraving using despeckle filter and eraser to sharpen image.


Are you going to give us any “particulars” about this engraving?

Love me some Armour! Nice details and clean lines.
What laser did you use?
Size of work piece?
What will you do differently next time? I would maybe fill the Centurion text with another layer set to .33mm interval and maybe a 30 degree angle. Just thinking out loud.

hi ferg details added.
cheers kirk